About Mo~Ya Food Complex

Mo~Ya Food Complex PLC (Moya), located in the Bole district of Addis Ababa, is one of the fastest growing cookie manufacturer in Ethiopia, with the objective of introducing an entirely new experience for locally produced cookies. We aim to make freshly baked cookies with exciting new flavors available to the growing and dynamic Ethiopian market. While Ethiopia has been accustomed to a set of traditional types of cookies, we believe this society is ready for change! Our mission is to provide a diverse set of high quality cookies that leave you coming back for more.

Establishing and maintaining a loyal customer base is a core aspect of our business model. We intend to win over the hearts of our customers by providing a broad range of superior products at an affordable price. While our cookies give a sense of luxury from the packaging to the extreme care in production, they are designed to be affordable and a part of people’s daily lives. To respond to the diverse traditions in Ethiopia, we carry vegan products which cater to the country’s fasting seasons. Whether it be a treat for yourself, a snack for your children, or a simple companion for a cup of cappuccino, there will always be a selection of Moya cookies to accompany that pleasure.

Moya has organically grown from a few people to a full-fledged factory within a few years. We are a socially responsible and health conscious company. Our products have zero preservatives and we mainly use fresh natural ingredients. A healthy choice leads to a healthy life. We hope these new generation cookies not only expand the assortment of pleasures but also the imagination and taste buds of our consumers. We invite you to try one of our cookies and guarantee you’ll go for seconds.